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Black Full Triangle

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We've got you covered! The new and improved full coverage Full Triangle durag uses our VentTECH that consists of ventilation layered fabric, that wicks away moisture from your hair and allows for quick drying. The ventilation fabric helps to keep you cool in summer and warm in winter while open ties allow for a personalized fit for ultimate performance.

 VENTTECH: Full Triangle's VentTECH consists of three layers of ventilation fabric, designed to wick moisture away from your hair and allows for quick drying. It's scientifically designed to help keep you cool in summer and warm in winter. 

 PERFECT FIT: Full Triangle's open ties allow a custom fit for any head shape or any hairstyle! Simply style your hair back and tie comfortably in the back.

 FASHIONABLE: What’s your favorite color? Full Triangle offers a wide selection of colors and prints that will match any outfit, including our Gymwrap Fam favorite, Black.

 FEEL THE DIFFERENCE: Full Triangle was created with all forms of activity in mind. Bring it with you during yoga, running, CrossFit, basketball, football, soccer, tennis, or whenever you break a sweat!


Full Triangle's VentTECH consists of three layers of ventilation fabric, including 100% polyester outer layers and a 100% cotton in inner layer.


Care Instructions

Durable and washable. Caring for your Full Triangle is easy! The durable proprietary blend of fabric is machine washable in cold water. Use a gentle cycle and tumble dry low.

Customer Reviews

Based on 227 reviews
Kayla Cash (Owings Mills, MD)

It's cute and I like the size of the scarf

Catrena Barnes (Midland, GA)
Game Changer-EXCELLENT

Awesome products. After giving the product a trial run in the gym and results were great. I will be back to order more

Alexis Phillips-Walker (Atlanta, GA)
Great investment

I worked out with my full triangle today and it was very absorbent. I definitely would recommend!

Shelia Taylor (Miami, FL)
Athletic Girl

Love this to wear when working out at the gym. Saved my hair

Leandra (Washington, DC)
Gymwrap: The Certified Game Changer

I am a black woman with natural coily hair and I use the full triangle gymwrap to keep my edges smooth and cover my hair during sleep. My scalp sweats while sleeping but the gymwrap stays in place, keeps my head cool, and helps maintain my hairstyles. The triangle is large enough to cover my big hair and stealth camo pattern is quite stylish. I will purchase a few more for friends and family because the gymwrap is the best beauty product ever providing me with restful sleep and luscious, manageable tresses.

GMick (Yonkers, NY)
Awesome gymwrap!

Not only does it protect your hair, it keeps the crown of your hair smooth and keeps the rest of my hair dry. Great product!

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