Gymwrap Athletes and Ambassadors
Meet Gymwrap's athletes and ambassadors and learn how to join the program.
Gymwrap Athletes
Gymwrap Athletes are professionals who strive for excellence in their activity. Whether it's playing soccer or lifting weights, these athletes all have one thing in common — THEY SWEAT!
Rebecca Clements
Athlete & Movement/Nutrition Coach
Hometown: Saginaw, MI
Fitness Background/Accomplishments: I grew up as a dancer and have been infatuated with everything movement ever since.
Favorite Workout: Anything that involves a Barbell and some Gymnastics (like Snatches and Handstand Push-Ups!)
Favorite Healthy Snack: Peanut butter (1 ingredient only - no oils/sugars/additives) on a banana with a little cinnamon sprinkled on top
Healthy Lifestyle Inspirations: I want to learn what my peak capabilities are and lead others by example.  I don't think everyone has to strive to be an athlete, but I do think everyone needs to strive to do better.  Healthier lifestyle = healthier and happier people = a kinder, smarter, more productive world.
Hobbies Outside of Fitness: Arizona hikes with the pups and driving with the top off the Jeep are definitely some of my favorite things.  
Favorite Gymwrap Color: I love black the most because it matches anything and makes me feel like a ninja or a warrior!
Instagram: @simply_whimsical
FacebookRC Online Coaching
Rashad Owens
Gym Enthusiast/Personal Trainer
Current Home: Atlanta, GA
Fitness Background/Accomplishments: I was a college athlete until 2008 and immediately began my fitness journey that same year.
Favorite Workout: Bicycle Riding
Favorite Healthy Snack: I'm a natural fruit person.  Apples are always my go to.
Healthy Lifestyle Inspirations: My body is a temple and the Bible calls for us to take care of it.
Hobbies Outside of Fitness: I recently bought a camera and have begun taking pictures.
Favorite Gymwrap ColorBlack
Instagram: @rio_the1
Dayvee Sutton
National Travel Correspondent & Host and Former Sports Anchor
Hometown: Atlanta, GA
Fitness Background/Accomplishments: I have been an athlete for life but switched to Tennis is 2009.  By 2013 I was #1 in my state and #7 in the Southeast, which consists of 9 states.
Favorite Workout: Playing Tennis
Favorite Healthy Snack: Fruits - apples, peaches, bananas, oranges
Healthy Lifestyle Inspirations: Looking and feeling good.
Hobbies Outside of Fitness: My job is pretty awesome.  I host a travel show and am a national correspondent on several talk shows.
Favorite Gymwrap Color: Any of the funky prints but black goes with everything
Instagram: @dayveesutton
Natalie Aneil
Natalie Aneil
NASM Certified Personal Trainer
Hometown: Dallas, TX
Fitness Background/Accomplishments: I've been living a fitness healthy lifestyle since 1992!
Favorite Workout: Legs and Back
Favorite Healthy Snack: Rice cakes and peanut butter or almond butter
Healthy Lifestyle Inspirations: My inspiration first came as a competitor when I was a student athlete.  Now, I love helping other people reach their health and fitness goals.
Hobbies Outside of Fitness: Blogging, reading magazines, traveling & beauty.
Favorite Gymwrap Color: Supernova
Instagram: @natalieaneil
FacebookNatalie Aneil
Chanté Stuart
Fitness Influencer
Hometown: Bakersfield, CA to San Diego, CA
Fitness Background/Accomplishments: I grew up playing sports and being athletic.  Then after I graduated from college, life happened, AKA weight gain.  I've been back into the fit life for about 8 years now, just trying to maintain a healthy and fit lifestyle.
Favorite Workout: Heavy Leg Day :) It makes me feel STRONG!
Favorite Healthy Snack: Apples with peanut butter
Healthy Lifestyle Inspirations: Being able to inspire others while I'm trying to stay inspired myself.  It feels amazing when people tell you that you inspire them to be healthy.
Hobbies Outside of Fitness: Relaxing at the beach and enjoying hikes in  beautiful San Diego.
Favorite Gymwrap ColorFlorida Keys
Instagram: @fitgirl_tay
LaToya Wilkerson
LaToya Wilkerson
NPC Figure Competitor
Current Home: Fairburn, GA
Fitness Background/Accomplishments: I am a NPC Figure Competitor and have been actively involved in the fitness world for about 4 years now.
Favorite Workout: Inverted Leg Press, Lateral Raises with Dumbbells, and almost anything superset with an active rest exercise.
Favorite Healthy Snack: Plain Greek yogurt with blueberries, strawberries, and granola
Healthy Lifestyle Inspirations: Being the best me that I can be and living a long and prosperous life.  Also, the push and support from my loved ones plays a huge role in my life.
Hobbies Outside of Fitness: I love to spend time with family and friends, play with my dogs, and either color or play word games. 
Favorite Gymwrap ColorGeo
Instagram: @_latoya_monique
Samantha Johnson
Professional Women's Soccer Player
Hometown: Palmdale, CA
Team: Chicago Red Stars
Number: 16
Favorite Workout: Abs!  Who doesn't love a flat tummy!
Favorite Healthy Snack: Skinny Pop or hummus and carrots
Healthy Lifestyle Inspirations: I like the way I look and feel when I eat healthy and workout daily.  It used to be a trend but since I turned it into a lifestyle, I've been much happier.
Hobbies Outside of Fitness: Building my businesses and brainstorming my entrepreneurial path in life.
Favorite Gymwrap ColorFuchsia
Instagram: @DreamOnRose
Lynesia Carson
Lynesia Carson
NASM Certified Personal Trainer
Hometown: New Orleans, LA
Training For: 2 Years
Favorite Workout: Box Jumps
Favorite Healthy Snack: Mix of nuts, golden raisins and cubes of cheese
Healthy Lifestyle Inspirations: I've battled eating disorders throughout high school and college and it played a big part in how I felt about myself and my relationships. After a break up, I went to the gym and used fitness as an outlet.  The gym was my escape. Knowing that others are going through what I've been through inspires me to live my best life while helping others to do the same.
Hobbies Outside of Fitness: I collect, donate, and distribute food and clothing to the homeless population at New Orleans' Tent City and other locations. I love to read and write. I have Journalism and English degrees from Loyola University. I never travel without books or my notebook of quotes from my favorite writers.
Favorite Gymwrap ColorPaisley
Instagram: @lynesia_c
FacebookLynesia Ashley
Arnita Champion
IFBBPro & Certified Personal Trainer
Hometown: Virginia Beach, VA
Fitness Background/Accomplishments: Track & Field World Class Hurdler/4 Time Olympic Trial Finalist; Member of the USA World Championship Track & Field Team 1991, Personal Trainer, and IFBBPro Figure Competitor
Favorite Workout: Rebounding/Mini Trampoline Workouts
Favorite Healthy Snack: Dark chocolate with almonds
Healthy Lifestyle Inspirations: A picture is worth a thousand words and if I can be a picture of "Health" and "Youthfulness" as a lifestyle, people will see if and want to live it.
Hobbies Outside of Fitness: Motivational speaking, cooking healthy meals, and listening to smooth jazz
Favorite Gymwrap ColorFlorida Keys & Camo
Instagram: @beachamp_ifbbpro
Twitter: @ArnitaChampion1
FacebookArnita Champion
YouTube: Arnita Champion
Eve Guzman
Macro Nutrition Coach, Personal Trainer & NQ Figure CPT
Hometown: Fort Wayne, IN
Fitness Background/Accomplishments: 'Half Her Size' Macro Nutrition Coach, Extreme Weight Loss of 150+ lbs, Health & Fitness Influencer for 10 years,
Certified Nutritionist and Certified Personal Trainer.
Favorite Workout: Leg Day! Deadlifts and Hip Thrusts
Favorite Healthy Snack: Fit Crunch chocolate peanut butter protein bars
Healthy Lifestyle Inspirations: Keeping my 150 lb weight loss off so that I remain as a source of motivation for others.
Hobbies Outside of Fitness: Cooking and traveling
Favorite Gymwrap ColorGeo
Instagram: @eve_fitchick
FacebookEva Guzman
Ashley Sparks
NPC Figure Competitor & Certified Personal Trainer
Hometown: Lakeland, FL
Fitness Background/Accomplishments: I've been active in sports, cheerleading, dance and track all my life.  I got into Bodybuilding in September 2014.  I've changed my eating and lifting lifestyle.
Favorite Workout: Back - Lateral Pulldowns and Shoulder Press (I'm in love with the pump it gives me)
Favorite Healthy Snack: Chocolate rice cakes and peanut butter
Healthy Lifestyle Inspirations: I love the feeling/energy it gives me and I also love helping others reach their goals.
Hobbies Outside of Fitness: Traveling, listening to R&B, and reading.
Favorite Gymwrap ColorSupernova
Instagram: @twixiebabes
FacebookAshley Sparks
Julie Carter
Online Trainer
Hometown: Manhattan Beach, CA
Fitness Background/Accomplishments: I've been living and practicing a healthy lifestyle since I was 16 years old.
Favorite Workout: HIIT & Crossfit
Favorite Healthy Snack: Dark chocolate and granola
Healthy Lifestyle Inspirations: Having helped both of my parents lose 30 lbs and seeing my clients hitting their goals.
Hobbies Outside of Fitness: Watching shows and movies
Favorite Gymwrap ColorPoppy RedCamo & Burgundy
Instagram: @juliecarterfitness
Shan Q. Robinson
NPC NQ Bikini Competitor & NGA & SNBF Bikini Pro Athlete
Hometown: Atlanta, GA
Team: Inkcredibles
Fitness Background/Accomplishments: Bikini Pro champion, Athlete, and Health & Fitness Influencer for the past 1.5 years
Favorite Workout: Pistol Squats on Bosu Ball
Favorite Healthy Snack: Rice cakes and almond butter with strawberries
Healthy Lifestyle Inspirations: I enjoy motivating others to push themselves to be their best with confidence!
Hobbies Outside of Fitness: Dancing, bowling and I love to shop at thrift stores! 
Favorite Gymwrap ColorFuchsia & Tie Dye
Instagram: @shan.q.robinson
FacebookShan Rob
Rosangela Cardosa
Rosangela Cardoso
NP Qualifier & Healthy Lifestyle Influencer
Hometown: Massachusets
Fitness Background/Accomplishments: NP Qualifier & Fitness Enthusiast for over 10 years 
Favorite Workout: Leg day, Squats!
Favorite Healthy Snack: Berries & green juices
Healthy Lifestyle Inspirations: Longevity and myself
Hobbies Outside of Fitness: I love to dance!  Give me a good pair of heels and I will conquer the dance floor.  I also love travel and reading.
Favorite Gymwrap ColorPoppy RedWhite & Camo
Instagram: @blessrose1
FacebookRosa Cardoso
Alexis Walden
Alexis Walden
Healthy Lifestyle Influencer
Hometown: Miami, FL
Fitness Background: I've been focused on and sticking to a healthy lifestyle for about a year
Favorite Workout: Sumo-Deadlifts
Favorite Healthy Snack: Almonds
Healthy Lifestyle Inspirations: Seeing my transformation of weight loss and muscle building
Hobbies Outside of Fitness: Singing and dancing
Favorite Gymwrap ColorGrey
Instagram: @lexxibody
FacebookAlexis Krystal
Gymwrap Athlete & Ambassador Frequently Asked Questions
I sweat - How can I become a Gymwrap athlete? 

Being a Gymwrap Athlete starts with your determination. We appreciate, motivate, and strive for excellence in our fields. To apply to be an ambassador, fill out the form below!

I wear my Gymwrap all the time. Does this mean I can be an athlete? 

Gymwrap has two "teams" for ambassadors. There is the AthleteTeam and the AmbassadorTeam. Each team is comprised of hard-working individuals who strive for excellence in everything they do.

A person on the AthleteTeam is one who competes in their activity — whether it's soccer, tennis, powerlifting, or anything else! They typically have a large social media following and have a broader platform to represent Gymwrap.

Someone on the Ambassador Team is one who is active and always doing their best in whatever they choose. Whether it's yoga, training to be fit, or just living an active lifestyle, anyone who sweats is welcome to join our team!

What are the benefits of being an ambassador?

Gymwrap Athletes are invited to join a unique community that shares networking with founder Nicole Ari Parker, fitness tips and tricks, personalized coaching, nutrition info, workout plans, mentoring and life help. Each ambassador is given a discount on product and a code to share a discount with their friends and fans. Also, being an ambassador gives special opportunities to be rewarded for their efforts by receiving free products and social media shout-outs. Ambassadors also gain priority for having their events sponsored, plus the ability to connect and meet up with other athletes from around the world.

What do I have to do as a Gymwrap ambassador?

Gymwrap ambassadors are asked to positively represent Gymwrap on and off social media. Whether it's participating in competitions or hosting events, ambassadors must aim to spread the word of our amazing product. Ambassadors will also be asked for input on new product designs, and have opportunities to find new ways to bring Gymwrap into the world of sweating.
Interested in Becoming a Gymwrap Athlete or Ambassador?
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