Black History Month

Black History Month

   The annual celebration of Black History Month in America is here.

      Black History Month is a month-long celebration of contributions African Americans have made to American history, as well as a time to recognize their struggle with adversity while fighting for freedom and equality.

    Carter G. Woodson was the American Historian who started Black History Week, which later turned into BHM. Woodson hoped that this would shed light on  heroic black figures, from inventors and entertainers, to soldiers and activists, and that their influence on the creation of America would be celebrated and honored every year.

     The 2024 Black History Month theme is “African Americans and the Arts.” The influence of the African American community has been paramount to the visual arts, music, fashion, literature, cultural movements, and history as a whole.

     As a black-owned company, Gymwrap would like to put a spotlight on the significant impact that Black individuals and our communities have had on the nation’s culture, history and progress. We are forever grateful for the doors that have been held open by those who came before us. Let us continue to celebrate every moment in history, big & small throughout the year.

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