Stay On Track While You're On Vacation!

Stay On Track While You're On Vacation!

     We all know going on vacation can sometimes throw a lot of things in your life out of whack or affect your normal daily routines — including your fitness journey.. Understandably, exercise and fitness are the last things you want to be thinking about while you are on vacation. Of course you want to be hitting the beach, bars or buffet! But, fitness and travel CAN coexist together believe it or not, and that becomes even easier when planned accordingly.

Continue reading if you want some tips to stay on track while on vacation this Summer:

  • Run or power walk in a new place - If you are on a relaxing beach getaway, or up in the mountain clouds, lace up your running shoes and hit the sand or dirt! You won't even be able to feel the burn in your legs when you're taking in the beautiful sights!
  • Stay hydrated - Try to squeeze in water breaks in between those daiquiris! Drinking water is the best way to help stay in shape and respond to the challenges of staying hydrated and fit on vacation. Tip: Add a pinch of salt to your bottle of water to help replace lost electrolytes!
  • Incorporate movement into the itinerary - Depending on your destination, plan a hike to a waterfall, a bike ride through the mountains, or surfing on the beach! You don't have to be doing crunches to get a workout in while traveling!
  • Get plenty of rest - When you're having too much fun it is hard to tell when you are straining your body. But, a lack of sleep weakens your immune system and that is the last thing you want on your getaway. So don't skip those naps, your body needs it!
  • TRY to go easy on the alcohol - Who doesn't love an all-inclusive resort and a Mai Tai or three on vacation? But drinking alcohol most often leads to dehydration.. Which means have fun, but don't forget that balance is key! 
  • Plan some of your meals - One of the best parts of traveling is the different cuisines that you get to try and experience on your journey. But, overindulging certainly won't keep your fitness journey on track! The key, again, is balance. You can splurge on a burrito or pasta, but just try to eat a healthy breakfast or drink a smoothie the next morning!

     By doing your best to stick to these simple steps, you can still manage to balance your fitness journey while traveling! Just be sure to make time to SWEAT in between the letting loose and indulging. Here at Gymwrap we hope you are all having an amazing Summer, #GymwrapFam!

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