Some Things Are Better Together

Some Things Are Better Together

Some things are better together - and in the world of exercise we believe it too! So what's the best cure for a lack of motivation to work out you ask?  The buddy system of course!  Besties, co-workers, and significant others make the perfect workout partners. Not only do they increases accountability, and lift spirits, but you get quality time with a loved one AND they turn exercising from being a chore, into a fun activity todo together. Because life is better with a buddy!

Below you will find a FUN buddy exercise circuit that will having you sweating from not only working out, but also laughing together! So grab your buddy, get excited and knock out this workout! 

15 Partner Exercises (Bodyweight, No Equipment): 

  1. Plank Walk Out + 2 Partner High Fives

  2. Push Up + Partner Hand Press 

  3. Squat + Partner Rotations 

  4. Pendulum Lunge, Right

  5. Lunge Hold + Chop, Right

  6. Pendulum Lunge, Left

  7. Lunge Hold + Chop, Left

  8. Low Plank Hold + Partner Hop Overs 

  9. Wall Sit + Partner Tricep Dip

  10. Low Plank Hold + Partner Hop Overs, Switch Roles

  11. Wall Sit + Partner Tricep Dips, Switch Roles

  12. Side Plank Crunch + Partner Foot Tap, Right

  13. Heels Together Glute Bridge

  14. Side Plank Crunch + Partner Foot Tap, Left

  15. Feet Together Bicycle Crunches


  • No equipment needed!
  • Take it outdoors for a fun and fresh environment
  • 40 seconds work/20 seconds rest
  • No need to repeat the circuit - One round will be enough!

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