Raiderettes X Gymwrap!

Raiderettes X Gymwrap!

Football season is in full swing and we couldn't be more excited to celebrate touchdowns and field goals alongside the Raiderettes! We ALL know that the football players leave their blood, sweat, and tears out on the field every game, but they aren't the only ones! 

The NFL Cheerleaders are such an integral part of the entertainment package that comes with home games. With that there is endless unseen work, struggles, and magic of the league’s internationally recognized dancers! Here at Gymwrap we know that they do far more than just jump around the sidelines with plastered smiles on Football Sundays - they too are leaving their blood, SWEAT, and tears out on the field.

That is why we are SO excited to see the Raiderettes rock Gymwrap gear this season! With our Performance Headwear's new EvapoCOOL and the Gymwrap's EvapoTECH, there's nothing the Raiderette's can't do! 

Whether you're on the couch watching or on the field playing - sweat with confidence during each touchdown this football season, #GymwrapFam! GO RAIDERS!

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