How To Stick To Your Workout Routine Through Summer

How To Stick To Your Workout Routine Through Summer

 You don't have to let the back yard barbecues, pool days or late night bonfires mess with your workouts and fitness journey this Summer, it's possible to have both! But, it's a fact that fewer people sign up for workout classes in July and August compared to any other time of the year. We get it - why would you want to hit the treadmill when the salty ocean air and the smell of the grill are calling your name? But, consistency is important in all aspects of fitness, and the more you workout, the easier it'll become to achieve all of your goals.

Below are some tips to make staying on track this Summer that much easier!

1. Start smaller and stick with it - Many people hit the gym and start off with a big and elaborate plan - But just like with anything else, your body needs a window of time to adjust to your routine. If you start with too much gas and no brakes, the mental and physical effort can be too much. Instead, just start with a small goals, it’s way more uplifting to start small and accomplish that goal than set a tough goal that you turn your back on.

2. Switch up your summer routine to make exercising more convenient for you - You don't always have to drive across town during rush hour or at sunrise to make it to the gym, try fitting exercise into the current activities in your day. With these longer Summer days, introduce new activities like: an after-dinner walk with your family or a game of tag at the park with your kids. It's okay to have fun while staying in shape.

3. Make exercise social and fun like it should be - Join a neighborhood team to play your favorite sport, train for a marathon with your partner or be a gym buddy to your BFF. Having someone counting on you to show up for a workout session can be a huge motivation. And, by finding fun activities that you enjoy with your loved ones, you may get those steps in and burn those calories without even noticing.

4. Switch up your exercise for Summer Weather - Depending on where you live, exercising outside may become more difficult in the heat and humidity. Try exercising in the early morning, late evening, inside or even in the pool. Just remember you may not be able to work out as long and hard in the Summer heat.

5. Maintain a variety - It doesn't hurt to keep exercising fun and fresh by doing different activities instead of the same routine every single day. You can keep yourself from getting bored, and avoid overusing the same muscles every time you work out. Also, don't forget to stretch after exercise too, this part is so important. Cooling down and stretching is one of the biggest ways to help prevent injury.

6. Use technology to keep you motivated - As we all know, there is plenty of new technology to go around. Smart watches, phone apps, at home personal trainers through workout equipment, you name it. You can calculate your heart rate, speed, reps, etc, all with the click of a button. If you can, create personalized training plans, start online classes and explore the new age of fitness technology.

Summer is here and it's time to find the activities you enjoy and make it your goal to fit them into your summer calendar of fun! And make sure to stay hydrated while you SWEAT #GymwrapFam!

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