How to Perfect Your Gym Look For Under $50

How to Perfect Your Gym Look For Under $50

Working out is an expensive endeavor. First, there’s the gym membership, then there’s the workout gear and accessories. Finding a gym look that doesn’t break the bank is difficult, but it is possible!

Here are 10 items you can use to perfect your gym look for under $50

10. Adidas Leggings From Urban Outfitters

Adidas leggings complete your gym look

Leggings are a necessity at the gym, and most pairs set you back $100-$200. But not at Urban Outfitters!

Many people don’t know that this mostly streetwear brand also has affordably priced activewear.

They offer these Adidas leggings (complete with three stripes!) for only $35.00. This is a steal if you consider the fact that most Adidas’ leggings on the brand’s website are over $45.

9. Quartz Yoga Mat From TJ MAXX

Quartz yoga mat completes your gym look

Looking for a chic, cushy yoga mat but having a hard time justifying paying $80+ for one? TJ MAXX to the rescue.

Buy this Quartz yoga on their website for only $19.99. It’s chic, affordable and a great way to complete your gym look.

Although there is a high turnover rate for most TJ MAXX products, they always have affordable gym clothes and accessories. Keep your eye out in stores and online for hot pieces.

8. The Towel From Lululemon

The Towel from Lululemon completes your gym look

Not everything at Lululemon is over $100. They offer quality accessories you didn’t even know you needed.

Trust us when we say you NEED “The Towel.” It’s an absorbent, quick-drying towel that won’t slip on your yoga mat. You can snag it in stores or online for $38-$42.

7. The Misfit Flash from

The Misfit Flash completes your gym look

Everyone knows there are benefits to counting steps, calories, and sleep patterns, but is it really worth it to pay hundreds of dollars for something that you might not remember to check every day?

The Misfit Flash counts steps, distance, calories, light and restful sleep. The best part? It's only $11.99 on their website right now. 

This practical accessory comes in black, white, blue and fuschia. It’s so affordable you could buy all four colors and have a Misfit Flash for every gym look!

6. The Cross Back Keyhole Performance Tank from Old Navy

Old Navy tank completes your gym look

If you refuse to pay $90 for a work out top that you wash after each wear, this inexpensive, stylish performance tank from Old Navy is the way to go.

This tank comes in seven colors. Pair each with some black leggings, and you have a gym look for every day of the week.

You will have no problem finding a tank that fits like a glove. To find the right fit, choose tall, regular or petite. Then select one of six sizes (XS-XXL).

5. Sassy Pink Gym Bag from Bando

Pink gym bag completes your gym look

Gym bags are crucial, but let’s be honest; most sit in your car or underneath your desk all day until you’re ready to hit the gym. So why would you pay more than $50 for one?

Get The Work It Out Gym Bag from Bando for only $35. This pink one is guaranteed to make your gym look pop.

4. Everlast Weightlifting Gloves from Target 

Everlast weightlifting gloves complete your gym look

Do you even lift, girl? If you do, weightlifting gloves are a necessity. These Everlast gloves from Target will hold up even when you’re out-benching the guy next to you

Get them for only $9.99.

3. Marble Water Bottle from Swell

Marble water bottle from Swell completes your gym look

No gym look is complete without a functional and stylish water bottle. The White Marble bottle from Swell might look like just another flashy water bottle, but it’s guaranteed to keep your drink cold or hot for hours!

Save yourself and the environment from continuously buying cases of plastic water bottles. A one-time purchase of only $35.00 will get you a durable bottle that will last.

2. Balega Hidden Comfort Socks

Balega Hidden Comfort socks complete your gym look

Paying $13 for a pair of socks might seem absurd, but your feet will thank you. After all, your feet carry you around day after day so you might as well take care of them.

Balega Hidden comfort socks are padded on the sole and heel to absorb impact and protect your feet from blisters.

You’ll feel great doing what you do on the treadmill, in a pilates class or on the weight rack.

1. The Gymwrap



With this moisture-wicking headband, you won’t need to wash your hair after every workout. It lets cool air in, hot air out and works with any hairstyle.

No more slipping, adjusting or fussing. The Gymwrap has an open back that you can tie to fit your head.

It’s made for real women, who live real lives. 

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