Healthy Life Is...

Healthy Life Is...

Written by Gymwrap Athlete/Influencer Ebony Mayo.


Healthy Life Is #HealthyLifeIs having someone in your life to love you, support you, encourage you, and correct you when needed. Life can be challenging, especially if you try to get through it alone. Find someone whether it be a family member, friend, significant other, mentor, etc to go through life with you. Don’t just pick anyone. Identify someone you can learn from, take advice from, and be able to reciprocate the same to them. Life is more enjoyable when we share it with others. The peaks of the mountaintops are more beautiful and the depths of the valley are less unbearable.

Thank you @NicoleAriParker for having my back not just in this picture, but in life…know that I have yours. Thank you #Gymwrap family for giving me a family away from home. Join us in living a healthy life… #GymwrapIsLIfe #HealthyLiving #MoreThanFitness #YouGotThis #AllSmilesOverHere #HealthyLifeIs 


Healthy Life Is #HealthyLifeIs operating in your strength. Oftentimes strength is attributed or recognized due to the “physical,” especially those in the fitness world. You know like muscles and “how much you can lift.” However, strength is a mental component that should be exercised daily. I once heard an amazing woman say, “When one is mentally strong they can withstand the weight that is before them.” Okay, fine I said that but the point is still valid! There have been times in the gym where I felt like I could not lift another rep, but once I gave myself a pep talk (and maybe remembered the brownie I had the night before) it was like a renewed strength came over me and I could go further. I know you may not think life is like a workout, but it kind of is…give yourself a pep talk and even remember what you’ve endured previously; then operate in your renewed strength. You really can go on even if at times it does not feel like it. Join us in living a healthy life… #PhysicallyStrong #MentallyStrong


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