Fitness Tips For The Holidays!

Fitness Tips For The Holidays!

Hey #GymwrapFam, the holidays are right around the corner! This time of year it can be particularly easy to skip your normal fitness routines and enjoy all of the festivities...

Check out these tips and tricks below to find your balance between the stuffing and pumpkin pie vs. squats and planks:

  • Start Small - Schedules and calendars fill up fast with holiday activities, you may not find the usual amount of time to fit the workout you'd like. Try squeezing in a 20 minute walk or hit the gym on the way home from work - as long as you are doing your best that is all that matters - Whatever makes you happy!
  • Plan Ahead - Try planning out your fitness journey just as much as you plan for your holiday gatherings and feasts - Put it on the calendar! Adding your workouts to your schedule will help you set aside that time to sweat it out. Holiday festivities usually take place later in the evenings, so make time in the morning to sweat it out!
  • Keep A Workout Buddy - Whether it's your usual workout buddy or one you hired on for the holiday season, having a buddy will keep you motivated and hold you accountable! You are way more likely to follow through with your fitness schedule if you have you workout buddy waiting for you at the gym!
  •  Stay Hydrated - We know with the holidays comes the eggnog, ciders, pumpkin lattes and more.. And we aren't telling you to deprive yourself from these delicious libations! All you have to do is keep a balance with your hydration. These sugary drinks do not do the best job at keeping you hydrated, so keep your water bottles close by so you remember to take a few gulps down! Also, drinking a good amount of water before and after your gatherings will make a huge difference!
  • Make Moving A Tradition - This time of year is for spending time with family and spreading that holiday cheer - It's the perfect time to get the whole family in on some fun exercises! Take everyone on a Turkey Trot or on a long walk to look at all of the holiday lights and decorations. You can find some fun ways to get the whole crew moving this holiday season!
  • Prioritize Sleep - Sleep is one of the key rolls in fitness, and this time of year we usually don't get enough of it. Try checking out of all electronics 1.5-2 hours before bedtime and play your favorite relaxing music to wind down. It's normal to have some fun and festive late nights this time of year, but make sure you're still prioritizing your rest!

     So, with little planning and some creativity, you can still leave room for fun and festivities - All while maintaining a productive fitness journey throughout the holiday season!

Here at Gymwrap we hope you have a happy and healthy Holiday season #GymwrapFam!

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