Back To School Sports!

Back To School Sports!

Ready or not, the school season is here and that means school sports seasons are starting! This time of year can be stressful, exciting and exhausting all in one - If you have torn up the field in the past, you are well-versed in all of craziness! However, if you're new to all of the uniforms, face paint, and early mornings practices, you may not be so familiar with how it all goes.

 Here are some ways to help you ease into balancing this school year with the sport season:


- Find a routine that works: Getting to know your new schedule is SO important! What time classes start, what time practice starts, how long it takes to get to and from school/practice. If you are aware of your timing, you will be able to better plan your schedule and create a successful routine for yourself.

- Set realistic goals: At the beginning of the season, think of what you want to achieve and set some small goals for you and your teammates. Smaller, specific goals are easier to achieve, and can build toward your bigger goal! Also, if you reach your set goals, set new goals to work toward - Having goals can be a great motivator!

- Get motivated: In order to have the right energy out on the field, you have to get excited about school and those early morning practices. We all know that can be difficult to balance both worlds, but staying motivated and keeping your eye on the prize makes ALL the difference!

- Don't fall behind in class: Most schools have started making it mandatory that athletes maintain at least a C average in order to continue to play sports, so make sure you don't forget to hit the books after practice! 

- Support your teammates: Whether you're playing on a team or you are competing on your own, showing good sportsmanship and cheering on your teammates is SO important! And by doing so you show your team and your coach that you make a good teammate.

- Get your rest: Being tired during a sporting event or big test is never good - Your coordination will be off and you will not be as alert as you should be.. Make sure to get your full 7 hours of sleep before any important sporting or school responsibilities! 


So with all that being said, enjoy the competitive spirit as well as the intimidating times that will push you out of your comfort zone. It is important to remind yourself that even the BEST professional athletes you see on television were in your same shoes at some point in time. All it takes is dedication, practice and preparation.

Good luck to all of our #GymwrapFam heading back to school and starting their sport seasons!

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