6 Buddy Workouts To Keep You Motivated

6 Buddy Workouts To Keep You Motivated

You've heard it before; some things are better together.  After the initial excitement in January of fulfilling your New Year resolution to work out, the lull of February sets in.  What's the best cure for your lack of motivation you ask?  The buddy system!  Besties, co-workers, and significant others are the perfect workout partners.  It increases accountability, lifts spirits, and turns exercising from being a chore, into something fun.  

Here are 6 partner workouts to help get - and keep - you motivated, so grab your buddy and get moving! 

6 Must Try Buddy Workouts

1. Wheelbarrow Push-Up With Squat

Wheelbarrow Push Up Squat

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Targets: Arms, Core, Back, Glutes, Legs

  • Partner A gets in plank position, on hands and toes; Partner B stands feet shoulder width apart, behind Partner A and holds an ankle in each hand.
  • Partner A lowers into a push-up, bends elbows and lowers chest towards the floor.  As Partner A lowers into push-up, Partner B bends legs and lowers into squat.
  • Partner A straightens their arms and Partner B rise out of squat.

Repeat for 12 reps and switch positions. 

2. Plank Low-Five 

Plank Low-Five

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Targets: Core

  • Both partners will hold a high plank position, facing each other.  Make sure feet are together and hands under your shoulders.
  • From high plank, both partners will lift their right hand and give each other a low-five.
  • Bring right hand back to starting position as quickly as possible and repeat with your left hand.

Continue alternating hands for 1 minute. 

3. Sit-Up Pass

Sit-Up Pass

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Targets: Core, Shoulders

  • Partners lie face up, knees bent, and flat on the floor with ankles overlapping.
  • Partner A holds the ball with arms extended overhead. Contract abs and sit up while bringing up arms and medicine ball to face Partner B.  At same time, Partner B performs a sit-up without the ball.
  • Partner A hands Partner B the medicine ball.
  • Partner B takes the ball overhead, lowers back and taps the ball on the ground behind head before sitting up and passing the ball back to Partner A.

Repeat for 20 reps (10 reps each with and without the medicine ball).

4. Squat Twist And Pass

Squat Twist And Pass

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Targets: Core, Legs, Glutes

  • Partners stand back to back and drop into a low squat.  Partner A holds the medicine ball in both hands, in front of chest.
  • Partner A rotates from the upper torso and hands the ball to Partner B over the left side.
  • Partner B should rotate right, grab the ball, and quickly pass to Partner A over the left side.
  • Partner A can accept the ball again at their right side.

Continue for 30 seconds, then switch directions for an additional 30 seconds.

5. Resistance Band Chest Press

Resistance Band Chest Press

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Targets: Core, Shoulders, Triceps

  • Partner A will stand in front of Partner B, facing the same direction.
  • Partner A will hold the resistance band in both hands, with the loop hanging loosely behind the body.
  • Partner B will act as the anchor and step back holding the loop until there is tension.
  • Partner A will raise both hands to side of the body; Elbows should be bent 90 degrees, so elbows, biceps, and forearms are parallel to the floor.
  • Partner A should step forward with right foot, with a slight bend at the knee.
  • Partner A will then push forward until arms are fully extended and slowly bend elbows to return to starting position.

Repeat for 12 reps and switch positions.

6. External Rotation

External Rotation

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Targets: Shoulders

  • Partners should stand side by side, each holding one end of the resistance band in their outside hand.
  • Hold band with hand across the waist and elbow bent at 90 degrees.  Adjust stance if needed to create light tension in the band.
  • Both partners will rotate arms outward at the same time keeping elbow bent and glued to side at same time.

Repeat for 12 reps then switch sides.

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