Inner peace among outer chaos

Inner peace among outer chaos

That uncomfortable feeling appears out of nowhere.


During breakfast. On the way to work. Late at night. Or maybe even as soon as the alarm clock dictates that your day has officially begun.


There’s just too many triggers. The sight of a grocery store full of people wearing masks. The scarcity of smiles at home. The uncertainty about everything, present and future.

Everything has changed and it’s inevitable to mourn the end of our old routines and habits, but the best piece of advice I received had to do with controlling what’s within my control.

Everything else is simply too much of a burden.


So it starts with inner peace. I’m personally not a big believer in making your bed every morning, but I appreciate the power in simplicity and order, so if that brings you calm, please go ahead and do it.


Diet is next. Make sure to strike a fair balance of healthy and guilty, but above all, focus on structure. Respect the sanctity of your usual breakfast, lunch and dinner times, and let them become anchors of a productive day. 

And what with the newfound free time? In my case, I’ve never taken so many walks around my neighborhood. I’m not only discovering trails and parks, I’m also taking notes on hidden coffee shops and intriguing restaurants for when we make it all the way back to normalcy.

That podcast queue won’t listen to itself either, you know?


If an intense workout clears your mind, do it. If spending hours in the kitchen crafting new recipes, do that too (I promise you there’s a lot more chefs in your family than you previously thought). An adult beverage on a warm spring night has been known to do the trick too.


Whatever it is you love, do it and do more of it. And with the rest, aim to simplify. Evaluate priorities and commitments. Question your personal status quo. And above all, be nice to yourself.


Use whatever quiet time you have to work on you, on forgiving past mistakes, and understanding what went wrong. Those lessons are the building blocks of your future, better version.


It all starts within you. Dig deep and find your peace. The rest will follow.


Written by Rodrigo Azurmendi
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