Everything’s Gonna Workout

Everything’s Gonna Workout

Gyms are closed in most of the country, yet there’s never been fewer excuses to work out. 

Isn’t it ironic?

From the calendar telling us that summer is rapidly approaching, to some easing of shelter-in-place ordinances -- and with a healthy dose of technology mixed in -- the reasons to get in a workout between the time you brush your teeth in the morning and when you turn off the lights at night are simply too strong to ignore.

The rise of YouTube and the inevitable reality of living our lives online had already pushed us toward virtual yoga and similar alternatives. Heck, at one point not too long ago P90X and Insanity were household names even to those of us who maybe don’t take exercising as seriously as we should.


The pandemic, for all of its damage, accelerated this process, and somehow added the extra wrinkle of working out with friends -- all while socially distancing from the comfort of your own homes.


It’s common these days to wake up to invitations from friendly early-risers to join them on apps like Houseparty -- that is, if I’m one of the lucky 8 to get in before the “room” is full and locked.

You’ve probably seen this, as they then post summaries on Instagram for the world to get caught. Because if you worked out and you didn’t tell us about it, did it REALLY happen?

Even the most technologically shy are joining the movement and even during previously inaccessible office hours. They figured out, rightly, that a mid-morning session will heighten their senses and allow them to be more productive as they work from home. They may not know it yet, but flexible bosses are being rewarded for their open-mindedness too.

And if you don’t deal with confinement, the weather also makes it soooo tempting to be active.

Beaches are open (at least partially in some spots) and that significantly broadens the menu. A walk on the sand, a quick swim or some sprints will do wonders for your cardio and your mental health alike.

Just don’t forget to wear your Gymwrap -- and especially your mask if there’s a chance you’ll be surrounded by others. You’ve got this!


Written by Rodrigo Azurmendi
Exclusive for gymwrap.com

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