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The idea for the Gymwrap came to me in 2011, when I noticed a common excuse emerge among busy, everyday women (myself included) about why they couldn’t work out: their hair.  
Hair is a serious issue for most of us women. After spending a ton of time and money to have it washed, blow-dried, flat-ironed and curled, none of us want to sweat and mess it up all over again.  
I could not have predicted what happened next…  During that summer, the Surgeon General issued a statement saying, ‘Women have got to stop using their hair as an excuse not to exercise.’ Wow! There it was plain as day. Our health issues had reached a state of emergency, and all because of one little detail — our hair. This nationwide call to action inspired me to perfect Gymwrap workout headbands and finally bring them to you. 
Gymwrap headbands come in a variety of colors and patterns — ideal for all hair lengths, types and textures for both women and men. 

            - Nicole Ari Parker 

Gymwrap headbands support Sophie's Voice Foundation


Sophie’s Voice Foundation supports global health and wellness initiatives in multicultural communities.

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