Macchiato Gymwrap

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Sweat with confidence! Gymwrap is a scientifically designed headwrap created to wick moisture away from your hair and allow heat to escape freely. Feel the difference during your workout or favorite sport while you sweat thanks to the patented EvapoTECH technology.

 EVAPOTECH: Gymwrap’s patented EvapoTECH technology consists of three layers of fabric designed to wick moisture away from your hair and allow heat to escape.

 DURABLE AND WASHABLE: Caring for your Gymwrap is easy! The durable proprietary blend of fabric is machine washable in cold water. Use a gentle cycle and tumble dry low.

 PERFECT FIT: Gymwrap’s open ties allow a custom fit for any head shape or any hairstyle! Simply style your hair back and tie comfortably in the back.

 FASHIONABLE: What’s your favorite color? Gymwrap offers a wide selection of prints that will match any outfit.

 FEEL THE DIFFERENCE: Gymwrap was created with all forms of activity in mind. Bring it with you during yoga, running, Crossfit, basketball, football, soccer, tennis, or whenever you break a sweat!

Customer Reviews

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Like Magic

I sweat A LOT and this head wrap is a total game changer. I have no idea how it absorbs so much moisture and keeps it in. My hair is normally soaked after a workout and it stays DRY with the Gymwrap. Truly amazing.

Great headband

Great headband for sweaty days at the gym.

Not what I expected

I bought a gymwrap a few years ago and I love it. The ones I just purchased seem to be cheaper quality and the headbands are unusually small (tight).

Cute and effective

By the end of my workout it was sopping wet but my hair wasn’t... a miracle. Looks pretty cute too, if I do say do myself :-)

Great headband for working out

I sweat profusely when I work out and I was tired of wiping sweat from my forehead every 2 minutes. I bought these and they are amazing. They are drenched when I'm done working out, but I don't have any sweat run down my face anymore. I wear them running and for crossfit and they don't budge. Love these!


I get so many compliments on all my gymwraps but BLM ✊🏿 everyone asked me where did I get it from. It’s so dope and where can I get one. Gymwrap only headbands and head wraps I buy

Designed To Outperform...

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