Sleet, Winter Solstice, Fireside Glow Bandi 3-Pack

Sweat with confidence! Bandi is a scientifically designed headband created to wick moisture away from your hair and allow for quick drying. Feel the difference during your workout or favorite sport while you sweat thanks to the patented FlexTECH technology.

*Bandi's are thinner in width and designed specifically for when you don't need extra moisture absorption during a workout. Make sure to order our Gymwrap and Full Triangle PRO Gymwrap styles if you participate in extreme workouts to help absorb extra moisture.*

 FLEXTECH: Bandi’s patented FlexTECH technology consists of lightweight,  flexible fabric designed to wick moisture away from your hair and allow for quick drying.

 DURABLE AND WASHABLE: Caring for your Bandi is easy! The durable proprietary blend of fabric is machine washable in cold water. Use a gentle cycle and tumble dry low.

 PERFECT FIT: Bandi’s stretchable fabric allows for a comfortable fit for any head shape or any hairstyle! Simply style your hair back and slip headband into place, around your head.

 FASHIONABLE: What’s your favorite color? Bandi offers a wide selection of prints that will match any outfit.

 FEEL THE DIFFERENCE: Bandi was created with all forms of activity in mind. Bring it with you during yoga, running, Crossfit, basketball, football, soccer, tennis, or whenever you break a sweat!  The lightweight and flexible fabric allows for comfortable use for any daily activities or errands!

Customer Reviews

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Actually works as advertised :)

They actually keep my hairline dry! Also, they stay in place, which I've never had! Love these, will definitely buy more.


Midnight Navy, Paisley Floral, Raspberry Sorbet Bandi 3-Pack


I recently ordered a three-pack of the Bandi Gymwrap headbands, and they are just brilliant! I've always found that headbands slip off my head during intense workouts, and I end up fussing with them and getting annoyed. These headbands are the first I've ever used which actually stay put throughout even an intense, heavy sweating spin class and jumpjng about in bootcamp. They look great, and I cannot believe how absorbent they are. After an hour and a half workout, the headband was absolutely soaking wet but my hair was completely dry. They are going to save me so much time- I'm now a customer for life. Thoroughly recommend!

These are my favorite

These headbands are my favorite, had to make extra purchases because mine would magically disappear, thanks to my 21yr old daughter

Very Well Made, Comfortable to Wear

I really like these bands. The hair at my hair line is very fine and these bands are perfect! They stay put!

Great for workouts

Helps with sweat control while exercising and keeps hair out of the way.

Designed To Outperform...

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