Lime Mojito Bandana Gymwrap

Sweat with confidence! Gymwrap is a scientifically designed headwrap created to wick moisture away from your hair and allow heat to escape freely. Feel the difference during your workout or favorite sport while you sweat thanks to the patented EvapoTECH technology.

 EVAPOTECH: Gymwrap’s patented EvapoTECH technology consists of three layers of fabric designed to wick moisture away from your hair and allow heat to escape.

 DURABLE AND WASHABLE: Caring for your Gymwrap is easy! The durable proprietary blend of fabric is machine washable in cold water. Use a gentle cycle and tumble dry low.

 PERFECT FIT: Gymwrap’s open ties allow a custom fit for any head shape or any hairstyle! Simply style your hair back and tie comfortably in the back.

 FASHIONABLE: What’s your favorite color? Gymwrap offers a wide selection of prints that will match any outfit.

 FEEL THE DIFFERENCE: Gymwrap was created with all forms of activity in mind. Bring it with you during yoga, running, Crossfit, basketball, football, soccer, tennis, or whenever you break a sweat!

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Customer Reviews

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KY Green

Great product- fast shipping - thank you.

Krystal (Winchester, VA)

I don't sparkle or glisten, I sweat and the gymwrap is the best headband I've ever used. I still sweat obviously but the headband keeps it out of my face and wicks it away. And the adjustability of a tying wrap- brilliant.

John 3:16 (Fort Worth, TX)
Love the product, but my name is not John.

My girlfriend got me hooked on the gym wraps. After she ordered about 10 of them for me, I started ordering them myself and have ordered about 20. You guys send me reviews, but every time, you call me “John” and my name is Louis. You get it right on the orders, but when requesting me to review your product, you always address me as John! Please strive to call the customer by their correct name!

wicks sweat away

I have tried several different types of head bands. I have to say that the gymwrap headbands are the best ones yet. I am a horrible sweater, and these headwraps not only stay in place, but also absorb the sweat so that it doesn't run out of the headband or drip all over the floor. Not only do they work great, but they have really great colors.

Nicole Zaccone (Carbondale, PA)
Amazing head wraps

Perfect for workouts

Talia Hoekstra (Walhalla, SC)
Love it

I work in surgery and wear caps that can pull off my edges. This has been very helpful protecting while at work for 12hours. It does slide a little bit but it’s not anything I can’t deal with

Designed To Outperform...

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